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1930 Modernist Art Deco Plywood Bureau Writing Desk Bookcase Mid-Century Vintage

1930 Modernist Art Deco Plywood Bureau Writing Desk Bookcase Mid-Century Vintage
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1930 Modernist Art Deco Plywood Bureau Writing Desk Bookcase Mid-Century Vintage

am selling my much loved vintage 1930s Modernist Art Deco plywood bureau, or writing desk with bookcase, or escritoire (whatever you want to call it). I have always called it a bureau.
it’s all original (including sliding glass doors pristine with etched handles) and in excellent order. and dates circa 1930 (late 1920s, early 1930s) as far as I am able to establish.

the woodwork is all original, no major scratches or chips, and has never suffered from damp, decay or worm.
the glass panels that slide to cover the book shelves are original and unscratched.
the brass fixtures (hinges, folding braces, lock) are original and in perfect order.

the little drawer (with bakelite handle) inside the folding bureau-desk section is present and in perfect condition.

it’s a very beautiful thing and has been much appreciated and looked after while I have had it.

as to date, there are two things which lead me to date it as 1930.

the first was that it had 1930 written on the back in pencil until I polished it (I thought it was pen, it was pencil and rubbed off). and stuck under the little drawer (when i first bought the bureau and removed the drawer to polish it) was a small calendar card for the year 1930. I still have it somewhere. if I can find it you can have that with it. there is no maker’s mark or brand anywhere to be seen. but the style is bang on modernist 1930s.
it seems to be from that transitional stage when english edwardian gave way to the european modernist. this  reflected in the way that the outside cuts a very bold and blocky silhouette, representative of the first wave of european modernism (le corbusier, the bauhaus, etc).
yet the interior still has a slightly edwardian feel to it, in the way the slots and drawer are arranged. ornately compartmentalised in a way that european modernism generally wasn’t. in my opinion anyway. i’m an arts graduate with a passionate for the modernist movement, so have read a bit and seen a lot. feel free to agree or disagree.

the colour is a rich honey-blonde beech plywood.

height: 40 inches.

width: 24 inches.
depth at bottom of unit: 12.5 inches.

depth at top of unit: 8.5 inches.

depth with desk let down: 23 inches.

i can send more photos if you want more detail. some bleached out due to the sun coming through the window behind. have tried to compensate by tweaking contrast and brightness. but at least you can see what it is, pretty much.

if you have any questions, please ask. and if you want to view the item before bidding you are welcome to. am in st leonards-on-sea very close to hastings.

item is collection only and cash on collection.

happy bidding.

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