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Antique Edwardian Trouser press / Tie press / Shoe rack

Antique Edwardian Trouser press / Tie press / Shoe rack
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Antique Edwardian Trouser press / Tie press / Shoe rack

“Watts Premier Trousers Press”

It is constructed as a base cabinet, while the top fittings (sometimes sold as a separate free-standing unit) consist of a flat base, with a pair of slats that lifts on metal brackets, and when closed can be secured by the rounded metal clamps at the front.
The idea is to lay your trousers along the top, folding the lower legs over the right-hand end, Here there is a side-fitted clamp, which exercises a stretching action.
(Originally the top press was fitted with sheets of thick brown coarse paper, which I suppose prevented any polish from the press staining the trousers. Sadly, those sheets have long since disintegrated.)
Sorry, a bit difficult to describe – please see photos for clarification :-)

At the Left-hand is a narrow clamp, which was used to press a tie.

The base cabinet is fitted with double doors, secured by spring-loaded ball catches.
Inside are two pairs of fitted metal rods (I believe they may be brass), giving a 3-tiered shoe rack.
The cabinet stands on 4 brackets with cabriole-type feet.

On the top of the cabinet is a scratched and faded ‘coat-of-arms' type maker’s logo.
As I say, it’s fairly worn (see photo), but it originally read “THE WATTS PREMIER TROUSERS PRESS”; underneath this is a small rectangle with various national Patent numbers (British, French, American, German, plus “3 others pending”).

I’m not sure of the wood, but I have seen another from an antique shop describing it as “oak”.
It is a dark orangey-brown in colour.
There is no sign of any woodworm.

Overall dimensions approximately:
- Height: 85cm;
- Overall width: 75cm;
- Depth: 45cm.

Please ensure you have all the details you need to bid.
If you need to, please ask for any further details, additional photos, etc.
I have tried to describe it accurately, but sorry, no return accepted.

Payment by PayPal, or cash on collection.

Personal collection:
We are about 5 miles north up the A217 from J8 of the M25.

PLEASE NOTE: "Courier Delivery" is shown as £20, but this is only an example, based on the following:
I could possibly deliver it myself, at a cost of 25p per mile for the round trip, plus tolls - this would only be for a reasonable distance that I could comfortably manage in a day trip
So, as an example, to deliver it to Swindon, about 100 miles from me, 200 miles round trip, would be 200 x £0.25p, = £50; to Guildford, about 30 miles from me, would be £15.
I would deliver after receiving payment, or accept cash on delivery.

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