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Automata Clock With Moving caraselle Characters And Musical Movement And Cuckoo

Automata Clock With Moving caraselle Characters And Musical Movement And Cuckoo
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  • Age: Antique, Post-1900
  • Features: Chimes

Here i have for auction an immaculate condition beautiful post 1900 automata cuckoo clock, with musical playing characters to the front and top. What is amazing is every one of the characters all move and twist and play music, what a rare find. they turn left and right while playing music, as you can see from the pictures the characters are quite detailed. also the top characters also rotate around in a full circle while also twisting around in a full circle as well as playing a tune. This also happens while on the quarter strike of the clock hands and the half hour and the 3/4's strike of the clock hands, and then on the final strike the cuckoo also comes out on the hour and cuckoos according to the hour at hand. 

Also al bellows are fully functional and immaculate. It has also been fully serviced and works perfectly in every way.

This clock used to be owned by a russian lover of fine time pieces and fine clocks and was given to my father as a gift for work carried out on his royal yacht. But as it was on his yacht due to the sea movement the clock would stop, so he gave it to my father and now has come to me. This should let you know the true value of this beautiful cuckoo clock. 

The Piece is 18 inches high by 16 inches wide.

The cuckoo clock Works perfectly with three weights of acorns to weight the chains down, once the weights reach the bottom all you do is pull the chains to wind up the clock, strike and musical movement of the clock. Its also comes with its original cuckoo pendulum. It also comes with its original tag and also strikes a gong on the hour and plays a full musical tune. Quite a complicated movement and piece.

This is a truly rare stunning piece, and an excellent investment and highly valued in every way. when shipped i will remove the front facials and pack really well as very delicate. Again to reiterate the clock is immaculate original condition and completely untouched. These are all from my own collection and i will be selling many items and clocks over the coming months. Please make sure all items are paid for within 24 hours of purchase. If you have any question please don't Hesitate to Conatct me. Happy bidding and off course im always open to sensible offers. 

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