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BEST synthetic oil for antique cuckoo clocks, Slick Liquid Lube Bearings BEST

BEST synthetic oil for antique cuckoo clocks, Slick Liquid Lube Bearings BEST
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Listed here are 1-ounce bottles of Slick Liquid, the outstanding lubricating oil that everyone has grown to love and utilize for the last several years. Customers who are shopping for this oil will receive the bottle with the standard needle dispenser tip for easy application. Those who are using the product for the 1st time can read through all the customer feedback to see what the fuss is about when it comes to this oil.


Simply put, Slick Liquid is a 100% synthetic lubricant that outperforms many of the other Antique Cuckoo Clock oils currently out on the market. In fact, many studies show that the oil performs twice as well in standard metal to metal grind down tests when compared to their best competitors. The synthetic oil has a lot of advantages when paired to conventional petroleum based oils, including the ability to work well in low and high temperature situations. Using petroleum based oil can also be a lot of sticky deposits all over different components that can obviously be a mess to deal with. More details on the advantages are listed below.


Petro-oils vs. Synthetics

Many people think that petroleum-based oils are better, but they actually lack in several different categories when compared to synthetics. Not only do synthetics do a better job with lubrication performance, but they also provide excellent observation stability. The formula for real oil is simply a mixture of long and short chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms, which means that there are times in which the conditions are right and the short-chain molecules actually evaporate. When that happens, the unstable molecules can actually oxidize and break down. In Layman’s terms, this means that a sticky residue will be left on the surface of anything you are trying to lubricate. Not only that, but true oils will also have different impurities that could mess things up such as waxes, sulfur or hydrocarbons. They can all leave residue deposits that are in need of being removed.


Synthetic oils are created by using an entirely different process. The oils are created by re-arranging the structure and making everything much more uniform. The size, shape and weight is always the same, and that simply can’t be replicated in nature. Natural, petro-oils are taken from the ground and must be refined just to be useable to a degree. With synthetic oils, everything can be custom-designed and created to be a solid overall option for people to use as the ultimate type of lubricant.


How To Start Using Synthetic Oils After Always Using Petro-Oils

Many people are initially worried about making the switch, but it can be done very easily. It is actually completely safe and recommended to begin using Slick Liquid on Antique Cuckoo Clock beginning immediately. In fact, using the synthetic oils will actually help to remove some of the old residue left behind from petro-oils in the past. Some people move to synthetic oil after using petro-oils for over 20 years and they have no issues whatsoever. Shortly after making the switch, users should be able to notice that all of the slides, wheels, axles, bearings and other parts will roll easier and move better than before. Slick Liquid is able to make things look brand new in just a short amount of time overall.


No Smell Synthetic Oil

Anyone who has been around oil, or any lubricant really, in the past knows that they usually come with a smell. Some people enjoy the smell, but the majority of people can do without it. Slick Liquid has been created to be as odorless as possible. Some people will notice a very hint, non-offensive smell, but most will not notice anything. That means that a person’s hands, clothes and other items never have to smell like oil again. It will be much easier to clean up after and work with compared to lubricants in the past.


Many people will also notice that Slick Liquid still remains odorless even after heavy use. Most people already know about that familiar smell that is produced from a hot engine using petroleum products. Not only does it smell, but it can get sticky. Slick Liquid is able to maintain its molecular structure all the way up to 500 degrees. That means there will be no smell or residue on anything.


How To Apply

The application process for Slick Liquid is pretty straight forward, and it can be used on all parts of a Antique Cuckoo Clock. Antique Cuckoo Clock components, friction points for metal parts, wheels and rust are just a few of the most common uses. The application process is extremely easy to use because unlike petroleum oils, dirt and other contaminants do not stick around.


Alert To Consumers

Thanks to the rise in popularity when it comes to synthetic oils, many manufacturers are trying to trick people into buying blends. Oil products can be up to 30% petroleum-based while still carrying the synthetic label. It is always important to check all of the products before completely jumping in. Slick Liquid is always made up of 100% synthetic components without any use of petroleum.  It can actually fix the results of petro-oil use after just a few applications.


About The Bottle And Needle

Slick Liquid is extremely easy to use and apply thanks in large part to needle on the bottle. The needle is a high quality stainless steel 19-gauge dispensing needle that offers up extreme precision in even the tiniest places. The scabbard that covers the tip between uses is completely leak-proof, which means that people do not have to worry about having the bottle leak oil at any time. Every single drop dispensed out of the bottle can be controlled to go just in the right place.


Thousands of customers in the past have enjoyed all the uses Slick Liquid has. Consumers can learn more and share thoughts with each other by leaving a review.


Shipping Discount On Bulk Orders

Those who order Slick Liquid in bulk can receive a discount on shipping. This discount is great for those people looking to stock up, or for those ordering for a club. All the details can be found in the “Shipping & Payment” section on the listing. Discounts are automatically calculated, but if there is an issue, please contact us.


International Shipping

Slick Liquid has earned a reputation all around the world. Therefore, we have worked hard to offer affordable rates for many countries. This information can also be found in the “Shipping & Payment” section at the top of the listing. Further details can be obtained by sending an email at any time.

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