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Bracket clock- Fusee Musical Clock with 8 bells and Barrel Organ

Bracket clock- Fusee Musical Clock with 8 bells and Barrel Organ
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  • Age: Antique, Pre-1900
  • Material: Mahogany
  • Features: 8-Day

John Moore & Sons Musical Chiming Bracket Clock with Barrel Organ
This large and impressive clock stands 86 inches including top finial
The Clock features a mahogany case(in three sections) with inlaid brass work
Engraved silvered brass dial signed "John Moore & Sons Clerkenwell London
The three train triple Fusee chain driven movement has a dead-beat escapement
The Clock chimes the quarters on 8 bells with a ninth bell for the hours (Whittington Chime)
The clock is also fitted with a clockwork fusee chain driven mechanical barrel organ - this operates from a pinned wooden barrel - one located in the mechanism within the central part of the clock case in the clock and two others in a wooden case that are interchangeable - each barrel has 12 tunes so that is 36 tunes in total-this is controlled with a dial and hand numbering 1-12 and the had is simply turned to select the next tune.There is a stop start lever to operate it.
The clock is working and keeping reasonable time but would probably benefit from a service/overhaul.
The clock is as found and un-restored and would appeal to collectors or museums who in most instances have their own idea of what should and shouldn't be done in the way of restoration.
The organ also works and plays well but again might benefit from being serviced etc.

John Moore & Sons were prolific makers of fine clocks especially turret clocks and either made or commissioned the clock.They were founded in 1790 and at that time were known as Handley & Moore who were both former apprentices of Thwaites.The company ran for nearly a hundred years and produced an endless variety of clocks including church and turret clocks and public clocks.The company ceased with the death of Henry James Moore in 1899.

Benjamin Flight - the maker of the organ was an organ builder of repute and a seller of music - the wooden barrels on the organ part of this clock are labelled with  printed paper with the details B.Flight & Son 36,St Martins Lane, Charing Cross,London.Flight was working in the latter part of the 18th century to the earlier part of the 19th century and was known to specialize in mechanical and barrel organs.
The clock was probably made in the first half of the 19th century and may have featured in the Great Exhibition (but you must make up your own mind about that).
It is likely that no other clock like this exists now.
Viewing is welcome and recommended
Contact: 01362 853990    07760 619419

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