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Exquisitely Crafted Antique Silver Chatelaine Dance Card / Notepad

Exquisitely Crafted Antique Silver Chatelaine Dance Card / Notepad
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  • Type: Chatelaine Notebook
  • Metal: Silver plate

Beautifully crafted, exquisitely carved Chatelaine Notebook.

The lady at the dance would pencil in the names of the young gentleman who had asked permission to dance that evening. The pages which are made from cellulose or bakelite ? allow the names to be rubbed out and used again.

A little secret 'Black book' from days gone by!

I was unable to date this piece as there are no obvious markings found tucked away on it.

The front and reverse covers show signs of age given that the silver plate has rubbed off (this must have had some good use!)

The clasp at the top also has unusual detail for an item like this. This,despite my attempts to find a hallmark,appears to be silver showing no tarnish or rubbing.

The pages are very clean although at the tops there are signs where perhaps ink was tested and has soaked in to the very top edge of them. This I'm sure can be removed with a simple mild soap detergent but I didn't want to attempt it as I'm no specialist!

The carved detail is still very prominent and undamaged. I would like to think this can be re-plated and brought back to its original wonderful condition!

The approximate measurements are:

Width 3.5cm
Length 4.7cm

The Chatelaine contains three (Double-sided) pages.

I have tried to find as much information as possible about this so I will try to answer any further question you may wish to ask. 

Thank you for Looking

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