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Kimmidoll Nonoko "Carefree" Mini Doll

Kimmidoll Nonoko "Carefree" Mini Doll
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Nonoko 'Carefree'

My spirit is cheerful and hopeful.
With your positive and happy disposition, you know the freedom of my spirit. May you always live life with a joyful spirit and a hopeful heart.

Product Size: 3.5 cm | 6 cm | 3.5 cm

Kimmidolls - Expressing Life's True Values

Kimmidolls are a beautiful range of collectable dolls that come in a transparent presentation box with attractive collector's cards. The Kimmidoll range always make a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

The Kimmidoll brand stands out for their elegant and sophisticated artistry and inspirational messages.

Conceived following a long-standing passion with elegant decorative gift and homeware items inspired by Eastern culture, Kimmidoll is a family of contemporary doll characters, each lovingly designed to represent life's true values, such as friendship, love, courage and good health.

Kimmidolls are special because each Kimmidoll has her own meaning. It is important to find the doll with a meaning that connects the most with you, or the person you are giving a gift to.

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