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antique CUCKOO CLOCK Antik Kuckucksuhr Carved Case wood BLACK FOREST

antique CUCKOO CLOCK Antik Kuckucksuhr Carved Case wood BLACK FOREST
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Location: Dahlenheim, Alsace

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  • Age: Antique, Post-1900
  • Type: Cuckoo Clock
  • Style/ Origin/ Theme: Black Forest
  • Material: Wood



Very rare to find


Magnificent big clock clock(pendulum)

Ornamental clock of beautiful quality,

 Of a very beautiful shape. Proportionned well

Former(Ancient) magnificent wooden cuckoo to sculpture
He(It) is in working order he(it) has already sudden a restoration(catering)
But to requiring(demanding) most he(it) would be sound of origin he(it)

one be has to check(control) bellows to restore but he(it) seems to me low(weak) rereleases them his(her,its) voucher she(it) works 7 has 8 in the daytime
On the top one rooms(parts,plays) is missing drink even photos
Needle and figures not his(her,its) no origin
There is a needle of origin but her(it) is damaged to see photos

As I do not speak English good(well) I you but one about many photos

Clock walks(works) well, a revision of the bellows of the cuckoo























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